Li Shengwu might get in trouble for his critical comment about Singapore’s court system

Photo: Li Shengwu / Facebook

UPDATE: Li Shengwu responds to the AGC’s investigations with a spoonful of sass.

After weeks of publicly backing up his dad and aunt in the ongoing family feud with his uncle — none other than Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong himself — Li Shengwu might have taken a step into more dangerous waters by making allegations about Singapore’s “pliant court system”.

The 32-year-old Harvard academic has since made his post only viewable to his friends list (it was initially public), but the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) isn’t letting it go so easily. According to various media reports, the AGC is aware of the post and is looking into the matter.

On Saturday, Li posted a link to a Wall Street Journal piece regarding the blown up family tiff over 38 Oxley Road, the home of the late Lee Kuan Yew. Calling the saga a “political crisis”, he also pointed out that international media is constrained by Singapore’s “very litigious” government and a “pliant” court system.

Li Shengwu
Li’s now private Facebook post. Photo: Facebook screengrab via The Independent SG

Li’s post is just the latest development in the family squabble, and it came on the heels of his dad, Lee Hsien Yang, and his aunt, Dr Li Wei Ling, initiating a ceasefire in their war of words (and accusations) with their brother, PM Lee. The premier’s nephew has been a strong voice among the third generation of the Lee family, making statements to the media and on his Facebook page alleging that his uncle is indeed abusing his power in the course of deciding what to do with 38 Oxley Road.

PM Lee has insisted in Parliament that he won’t be taking his siblings to court over their accusations — it’d “besmirch” their parents’ names and create further “distraction and distress” to Singaporeans, he says — but it’s unclear if such leniency will be extended to his own nephew.


Edit: Amended a statement about Li Shengwu taking down his Facebook post. He didn’t — he just made it private. 

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