Knight in shining raincoat defies morning downpour to clear the road of astray barricades

As any seasoned motorcyclist would know full well, it’s a deeply miserable experience to ride out there on the roads during savage downpours like the one this morning. It’s no fun being exposed to the biting winds and stinging rain while simultaneously trying to safely navigate slippery roads.

This unknown hero disregarded all those discomforts and braved the rains to carry out a public service — he pushed aside traffic barricades that were blown away by the winds so that his fellow motorists could travel safely. 

The civic-minded knight in shiny raincoat stopped his bike by the side of the road and helped to move the barricades aside to prevent a traffic jam from happening on the already-hazardous conditions of heavy rain. According to Stomp, the footage was captured this morning near OUE Downtown — meaning he helped ward off some nasty congestion in the central business district. Bravo, good man, bravo. 

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