WATCH: Kim Jong Un impersonator comes out ahead in pre-summit friendly

They say everyone has a doppelgänger somewhere in the world, but this week, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un could actually bump into theirs right here in Singapore.

We recently caught up with two very convincing impersonators at The “Real” Trump-Kim Summit, a special event at Bugis Junction over the weekend. The two lookalikes were in town ahead of Tuesday’s big meeting to wish their counterparts well, and pose for photos with hundreds of “fans.”

Coconuts Media editor Jacq Raposo interviews Dennis Alan (er… Donald Trump ) at Bugis Junction.

The photo-op, hosted by influencer mobile platform Vybes, starred Chicago-native Dennis Alan and Australian-Hong Konger Howard X as the two former enemies turned frenemies.

When it comes to the actual summit this Tuesday, we hope Kim and Trump will come to an agreement where both countries come out ahead, but at the preview, there was a clear winner.

The crowd goes wild for the Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un impersonators.

Alan has played Donald Trump for years at parties back in the United States but only started becoming well known when the former game-show host got into politics.

But Mr. X, a music producer and performance artist, who calls his North Korean alter-ego “Kim Jong Um,” took the cake. You’ll have to check out our video on CoconutsTV to see how his combination of sassy Australian humor and several cans of hairspray pulled off a killer show here in Singapore.

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