Jolly Caltex pump attendant pokes fun at the misunderstanding between ‘put ten’ and ‘full tank’

Photo: Video screengrab

A lot has been said over the past couple of days about the nationwide loathing of a BMW driver who was accused of taking advantage of an elderly Caltex petrol kiosk attendant.

TL;DR about the viral case for everyone:

  • BMW Series 5 car driver claimed that pump attendant at a Caltex petrol station at Tampines had mistakenly filled up his car with S$135 worth of gas when he only asked for S$10 worth.
  • Pump attendant agreed to pay the difference of S$125 when the driver insisted on only forking out S$10. Driver left with a full tank of petrol for just S$10.
  • Online witch-hunt conducted. Netizens managed to uncover the driver’s identity and published his personal details, including his occupation and pictures.
  • Fearing the safety of his family, the driver lodged a police report.
  • Police investigations found no wrongdoing conducted, calling it a simple case of miscommunication. The driver was due to trade in his vehicle on the same day of the incident and did not require more than S$10 of fuel.
  • Netizens continued to be dissatisfied over the official findings.

But put aside all the negativity for a bit and enjoy this jolly uncle having a little laugh at the misunderstanding. This Caltex petrol kiosk uncle had a little fun playing with the pronunciation of “put ten” and “full tank”, showing how the miscommunication between the BMW driver and the pump attendant might have happened.

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