BMW car of driver who made elderly Caltex attendant pay for his petrol found in Teck Whye

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Over the weekend, the latest Singaporean Viral Issue revolved around an incident that took place in Tampines on Saturday afternoon — an incident that united the nation against an alleged High SES dastard who took advantage of an elderly Caltex pump attendant.

The pump diaries

In a post on the Caltex Singapore Facebook page, a woman by the name of Kelly Yeo wrote about a BMW driver who got out of paying the total cost of filling up a full tank. Here’s what happened, according to her anecdote:

  • At about 2pm on Saturday, a driver of a BMW Series 5 car claimed that a pump attendant had mistakenly filled up his car with S$135 worth of gas when he only asked for S$10 worth.
  • He refused to pay the full amount, insisting that he would only fork out the S$10 he asked for.
  • The pump attendant — who looked to be in his 60s — was called to the cashier counter. He clarified that he heard the driver saying a “full tank refill,” but the driver denied everything.
  • Surprisingly, the pump attendant conceded and said that he would absorb the S$125 for the full tank of petrol due to his alleged oversight.
  • The driver was obviously thrilled to hear this and “walked away smugly.”
  • “The customer could have responded gentlemanly and be gracious to forgive by paying for the petrol since his vehicle would need to consume it anyway,” wrote Yeo. “Alternatively, he could have paid for a partial amount instead of making the elderly pump attendant bear the full $125. Unfortunately, this was not so.”

The disturbing incident prompted Yeo to write in to Caltex in a bid to alleviate the financial burden of the elderly uncle, pointing out that S$125 takes away a significant amount of a pump attendant’s monthly salary. She also proposed more measures at Caltex petrol stations to ensure that pump attendants aren’t abused in the very same way.

“Would Caltex consider waiving this amount or allowing the pump attendant to pay at cost?” she queried.

Caltex responds

As you would imagine with these kinds of stories, the post went viral and was shared and republished on numerous other Facebook pages. Fortunately, Caltex Singapore was quick to respond. On Sunday morning, it posted an update on the situation and assured the public that the pump attendant would not have to bear the high costs borne from the alleged misunderstanding.

“Do be assured that our station manager, together with the management team are looking into this issue now and an investigation is ongoing,” it wrote, advising everyone to refrain from looking for the BMW driver in subject.

Man found

But as Singaporeans are wont to do in viral cases of misdeeds, justice was sought after through an online witch-hunt. Last night, the BMW Series 5 sedan was found parked at a loading and unloading bay of an HDB estate along Jalan Teck Whye.

Meanwhile, alleged pictures of the dude have also appeared on various pages and forums, but we won’t publish it here for the lynch mobs. Investigations are still ongoing, and we’ll update this article when more details arrive.

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