Inter-monsoon conditions to bring more afternoon thundery showers throughout the rest of April

Photo: Jun Seita / Flickr

In case you haven’t gone outside the last couple of days, it’s been raining hard everywhere in the afternoons — and it’s all thanks to prevailing inter-monsoon conditions.

Those who like their afternoons wet and cold would be glad to know that inter-monsoon conditions will continue to persist for the rest of April and beyond. What that’ll mean is warm weather interspersed with moderate to heavy thundery showers in the afternoon, which will occasionally extend into the evening.

According to Meteorological Service Singapore, the second half of April is forecast to be wetter than the first fortnight. On top of the afternoon showers, Sumatra squalls moving from the Strait of Malacca to the South China Sea could bring widespread thundery showers and gusty winds over the country in the early morning and pre-dawn hours.

Still, uncomfortably warm days will persist. In the second half of April, warm days can be expected, with daily temperatures expected to range between 24°C and 34°C. On a few days, things could reach around 35°C, but on the flip side, the minimum temperature on rainy days could go as low as 23°C. So prepare for both extremes, we suppose?

If you live in the north and the west, we sympathize with you — daily maximum temperature will range between 33.2°C and 34.9°C, particularly over those parts of Singapore. In fact, the highest value of 34.9°C was recorded at Khatib, which should contribute to the list of reasons why people steer clear from the Yishun district.

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