Hickey? Paintball bruise? Zero Reddit mercy for Singapore woman’s cool moon tattoo

‘Tingest’ meant for her first tattoo to be a crescent moon. Photo: Reddit/Tingest
‘Tingest’ meant for her first tattoo to be a crescent moon. Photo: Reddit/Tingest

A woman who proudly showed off her first tattoo yesterday drew a flurry of unexpectedly negative yet hilarious reactions from online ink enthusiasts.

Tingest, as she is known on Reddit, posted a photo of the pink and purplish crescent moon now adorning the back of her neck, and it became an overnight sensation with people who thought it looked like anything but a moon. 

“Yeah it looks like the bruises you get when you get shot with a paintball or a rubber bullet,” Reddit user Yostephen mused.

“My first thought was that it was after a cupping therapy where they pulled too hard,” Esquivo noted, referring to the alt-medical practice.

Tingest took the japes in stride, seeming unfazed by the jokes at her expense, but replied that she might cover it up. 

“Yea I figured that will be the plan seeing how the comments say it will likely turn out to be a bruise (or already looking like one) … I will cover up my first tatt when it goes down the drain. Hahahaha,” she wrote in reply to a user who suggested she go back to get it touched up.

She said that it was done by artist Brenna from Arachnidia Tattoo in Singapore.

The photo was posted to the site’s global ink community, where it amassed nearly 9,000 upvotes and 300 comments. Tingest did not immediately respond to a DM from Coconuts seeking comment.  

Other tattoo enthusiasts said the crescent moon tattoo looked like a birthmark or an “awkward hickey.”

“I have to be honest – without an outline, it looks like a birthmark. Especially from more than a couple feet away, and as it ages. But if you like it, rock it!” Redditor TVjones said

My first tattoo! From Brenna at Arachnidia Tattoo in Singapore. from r/tattoos

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