Here’s what someone who grew up with actual crazy rich Asians in Singapore has to say about the movie

Photo: Video screengrab
Photo: Video screengrab

At this point in time, your social media news feed should be filled with either sad tributes to Inuka (goodnight, sweet prince) or angry posts about that Crazy Rich Asians trailer and how the movie might misrepresent Singapore when it comes out in August.

Though we’ve heard so many remarks and comments from crazy regular Singaporeans, one lady who straddles both worlds of being an Asian in America and an Asian in Asia has published her thoughts on the movie, explaining how — as someone who really grew up among the hyper-affluent here — it might actually be realistic. Now a co-founder and chief executive of Indonesian FinTech startup wobe, Adrianna Tan also threw light on the historical background of supremely wealthy families, and how British colonization played a huge part in establishing the deep divide between the haves and have-nots.

“Not enough Asian-American criticism of #CrazyRichAsians is aware of the realities in this part of the world,” Tan wrote in a long, but highly interesting Twitter thread. You can read the whole thread here, or check out this Reddit post if you don’t like reading in the chopped-up format. Below are some highlights of her composition.

On the very real world of Crazy Rich Asians


On the problems of being a crazy rich Asian


On elite Asians emulating English aristocracy

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