Han Hui Hui fined $3.1k for leading #ReturnOurCPF protest at YMCA rally

Instead of getting her CPF returned, blogger, activist and former general election candidate Han Hui Hui will be forking out money to pay up a court-mandated fine. 

The 24-year-old was found guilty today for disrupting a charity event for special needs children at Hong Lim Park in 2014 when she lead a marching protest around the grounds, Channel NewsAsia reports. Han, as well as fellow activist blogger Roy Ngerng, were holding a Return Our CPF rally on the same day, but were told to move their event to a smaller space at the park due to charity event held by YMCA. 

Unhappy, Han brought her supporters to the YMCA event, where they caused a loud ruckus by chanting slogans, waving flags, blowing whistles — disruptive acts that apparently scared two special needs children who were performing on stage. 

Two of Han’s fellow accused were also found guilty today for causing public nuisance, and were fined $450 each. Ngerng and another protestor had already been fined when they pleaded guilty last year. 

According to Han, she intends to appeal against her conviction, stating that the case had “a forgone conclusion”. 

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