Han Hui Hui is afraid of getting arrested and separated from her child in the future

Photos: Han Hui Hui Facebook page
Photos: Han Hui Hui Facebook page

Not that it’s a newsworthy public concern, but Singapore’s favorite intrepid sociopolitical activist is with child. But pregnant or not, Han Hui Hui’s campaign against the ruling Singapore government must go on, and this time she has the aid of her unborn child to criticize the powers that be.

In a Facebook post that doesn’t make much sense, the 26-year-old laments about having to pay fees to give birth at a local public hospital. She also expressed fears that she could be arrested while in labor due to her extensive involvement in sociopolitical activism. The Malaysian-born resident even claimed that the Singapore government tried to get her deported back to Malaysia.

“Will the government try to separate me from my child after giving birth since Singapore has the world’s longest political prisoner at 32 years?”

Her post also included a picture of her application to purchase a three-room flat in Yishun, which is somehow linked to having her baby sleep at Hong Lim Park, where the activist regularly speaks out against the government.

It’s an odd post.

The rant is just the latest in a string of Facebook posts against the Singapore healthcare system since she hinted that she was expecting. Earlier this month, she had gone for a free checkup at York Hospital in the UK (thanks to the National Health Service) — an experience that prompted her to denounce Singapore’s own healthcare system because Singaporeans have to, uh, pay for treatment.

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