Got maggots? This Singapore man found plenty in his Nasi Lemak chicken (Video)

The maggot-infested chicken and the stall in Changi Village. Photos: Irvin Yio
The maggot-infested chicken and the stall in Changi Village. Photos: Irvin Yio

A Singapore man got a protein boost in his breakfast he did not ask for.

Irvin Yio said today that he counted upward of 20 maggots wriggling in his early morning Nasi Lemak breakfast in Changi Village after the first bite.

“The chicken looks very dry, very cold and it is very hard. If I have to gauge an amount of maggots I would say there [are] about 15-20?” he told Coconuts.

It was at about 4:30am on Wednesday that the 24-year-old said he chanced upon the Changi Famous Food Centre with two of his friends to start his day and ordered a S$5 Nasi Lemak set that came with a fried chicken wing. He bit into the skin of the pale-looking chicken and it peeled back a family of maggots feeding on the flesh.  

His friends, unfortunately, gobbled down their food without realizing.

What followed was forceful vomiting and a trauma of chicken and Nasi Lemak that they won’t touch for “some time,” he said.

The eatery also had other stalls selling Satay and Western that had nothing to do with the maggots, Yio said.

A video from Yio showed the maggots stuck on the inside of the meat, and at least one can be seen wriggling vigorously. 

Yio said the part-timer, who was napping on a foldable chair, was not alarmed when confronted about the maggots and said he would inform the boss in a monotonous tone.

“The stall didn’t handle the situation at all until I instructed him to throw all the remaining food and asked for a refund,” Yio said, adding that they conceded only after being told to do so.

The food was laid out in the open. Everything else, including the cucumber slices and the Otak (spiced fish cake), were also dry.

Yio said he alerted the Singapore Food Administration but it has yet to respond.

“I hope this terrible experience of mine can allow others to be wary of what they are eating in certain stalls and not fall victim like how my friends and I did. I am avoiding fried chicken for [a while] thank you very much!” he wrote.

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