Fight Club comes to life: Geylang fight turns ugly with beer bottles used as weapons and projectiles

A Geylang fight turned ugly when beer bottles were being used as weapons and projectiles (Photo: Screenshot from Eric Liow / Facebook)
A Geylang fight turned ugly when beer bottles were being used as weapons and projectiles (Photo: Screenshot from Eric Liow / Facebook)

A fight in a Geylang restaurant on Saturday evening (Dec 15) turned ugly real quick when beer bottles were seeing being used as weapons and projectiles.

Facebook user Eric Liow posted a video of the fight on his profile page Saturday evening, showing three men attacking another man wearing a striped red-and-black shirt.

The video was captioned as “Geylang Lor 21”. It is unclear as to which restaurant the fight happened at, or who started the fight.

In the video, two men are seeing going after the man in the striped shirt with their bare hands while one man is seen readying himself with a beer bottle.

After another man fails to stop the armed man, the next attacker lunges towards the striped shirt man and hits him on the head with the beer bottle before being pulled away by a staff member.

One of the previous attackers, having seen the beer bottle attack, reaches out for another beer bottle and throws it towards the striped shirt man.

The man ducks in time to miss the bottle, causing the bottle to fly to the corner of the room and smash against a wall, nearly missing bystanders who were observing the fight from afar.

The striped shirt man then misses another beer bottle projectile thrown towards him off-camera and tries to retaliate with a beer bottle of his own, but stops after seeing that restaurant staff and bystanders have pulled his attackers away from the scene.

Shouts of “Boss is here” in Chinese were also heard at that moment, possibly referring to the owner of the restaurant thus causing the commotion to die down.

One of the attackers tries to come back again with a beer bottle but is soon stopped by bystanders and restaurant staff who were on hand to diffuse the situation.

Commenters on Eric’s post and the reposted version on Facebook page Singapore Uncensored on Sunday (Dec 16) were surprised that the fight occured among what appeared to be middle-aged adults.

Accused persons who are charged for disturbing public peace by fighting in a public place could face a maximum of one year’s imprisonment, a fine of up to S$5,000 (US$3,600), or both.

If charged for voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means, accused persons can face up to seven years in prison, a fine, caning or a combination of all.

Coconuts Singapore has reached out to Eric to obtain additional information. What we do know is that commenters were enthused about another aspect of the fight: how cleanly shot the whole sequence was.

As they say in Singlish, “macam action sequence liddat”.

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