Facebook user claiming to be racist lecturer joins social media to apologize to Singapore

Screengrabs from the video showing the confrontation at Orchard road. Photo: Dave Park Ash/Facebook
Screengrabs from the video showing the confrontation at Orchard road. Photo: Dave Park Ash/Facebook

The lecturer who lost his job after berating an interracial couple has apparently set up a Facebook account to apologize publicly for his actions. 

A statement published by an account named Tan Boon Lee said that he was joining the social media platform for the first time to apologize for insulting Dave Parkash and his girlfriend Jacqueline Ho for dating outside of their race. The former engineering lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, who was also accused of spreading Islamophobia in class, was later fired from his job. 

“The comments were unacceptable. I am deeply sorry for what I said. What happened that evening was out of character for me,” the online statement said. “I have apologised to Mr Parkash, Ms Ho, and their families. I now wish to apologise to those in the wider Singaporean community whom I have hurt and offended with my words.”

Tan was filmed verbally attacking the couple along Orchard Road on June 5 in a video that later went viral after Parkash posted it online. In the clip, Tan was seen accusing Parkash of preying on Chinese girls and telling him to date people of his own race. Dave Parkash did not immediately respond to Coconuts’ request for comment.

The account added that the actions on that day were fueled by “a personal matter.” Soon after the incident was publicized, Tan faced accusations from a former student for spreading anti-Islamic beliefs in a 2017 lecture.  

“The incident has prompted me to dig deep and reflect on my own behaviour and motivations. I realise now that although I spoke from a place of deep personal pain, my words were bigoted, discriminatory, and insensitive. I recognise my shortcomings and wish to learn from this incident,” the post said. 

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