Excessive (and unnecessary) volubility of blogger’s Instagram post mirthfully derided online

Photo: Facebook screengrab
Photo: Facebook screengrab

Far too often, the grammatical and verbal capacities of social media influencers in Singapore veer on the inferior side of things, considering their editorial skills merely involve crafting words and phrases that incite hype for their sponsored shit.

But this… this was not what we meant when we said we wanted to see smarter content by figures who hold some sway on social media. The linguistics watchdogs behind Facebook page Singaporean Influencers and Bloggers Write SHIT English and are Annoying AF rightfully pointed out that there’s no use for fancy, expensive words when one possesses (in their words) shit grammar.

Behold, this Instagram post filled with a sickly regurgitation of words from a thesaurus.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

To add further farce to the cesspool that is Singapore’s inclination towards social media influencers, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of similar say-nothing posts written by local influencers with far fewer words and worse grammar that get thousands of likes/hearts on average.

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