End of privacy for Mobile Air owner Jover Chew

After laying low for months, Singapore troll site SMRT Ltd (Feedback) is back in action, this time channeling their ‘CSI‘ skills towards the owner of shamed Sim Lim Square shop, Mobile Air.

Mobile Air, which the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) says racked up the most number of complaints at the Rochor tech mall this year, recently tricked a Vietnamese tourist into paying $1,500 for an iPhone, forcing him to cry and beg for a refund.

True to their word, the team today revealed Jover Chew’s personal details, including his residential address(es), email address, phone numbers and info about his wife.

They even found out what he was having for lunch:

Well, they ordered it — heck knows if he was even there when it was delivered.

And they can’t stop, won’t stop. Earlier today, the troll team announced they’ll keep ‘attacking’ Chew until he contacts Mr. Pham via the Vietnamese embassy and 1) refunds him the remaining $550 owed to him 2) pays him an additional $1,500 as ‘warranty’.

Photo: Jover Chew via SMRT Ltd (Feedback)


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