Cuddles Cat Cafe owner putting business up for takeover

Just when we thought we’d seen the last of Cuddles Cat Cafe’s lengthy Facebook posts, another one came along. 

This one was signed off by the cafe owner himself, Mr. Jonathan Tan, who announced he was putting the business up for a takeover and invited interested parties to drop him a message. 

After attempting to clear the air one more time on several issues, including circumstances surrounding the deaths of seven cats that died under his care before Cuddles even opened, as well as the state and treatment of his existing cats rumoured to be suffering from ringworm and irritable bowel syndrome, Tan said he believed it to be in the “best interest of (our) cats” that “they should be kept together as a family under a new owner”. 

“I regret that events have unfolded to reach this stage, and Cuddles Cat Cafe sincerely apologises for everything that I did wrong. Thank you to all who have supported and believed in Cuddles Cat Cafe. I would have hoped for an opportunity to improve, but circumstances would not allow it. 

I am truly sorry for everything.”

Local vigilante page SMRT Ltd (Feedback), which promised to launch #OpsCatasstrophy against Cuddles Cat Cafe today in light of the complaints made against them, remains quiet. 

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