Couple in Punggol give away thousands of masks outside MRT

Masks being handed outside Punggol MRT. Image: Yen Vy Vu Tran/Facebook
Masks being handed outside Punggol MRT. Image: Yen Vy Vu Tran/Facebook

Punggol residents are it at again, showing their generosity, this time by giving away thousands of surgical masks in a bid to protect their neighbors from the deadly coronavirus outbreak now spreading locally in Singapore.

Singaporean Adrian Tan, his Vietnamese wife Yen Vy Vu Tran and friends were giving away free masks last night outside the Punggol MRT station. They started Friday, when Tan said they handed out about 4,000 masks in 10 minutes.

The giveaway was limited to one pack of 10 pieces of masks per person. The masks appear to have been imported from Vietnam, according to the Vietnamese language written on a box as shown in photos posted by Tran.

More free surgical masks coming, for those who are still unable to get your hands on them, please take note of the venue, date/time will be updated again, thank you and take care!” Tan wrote online hours before arriving outside the MRT station yesterday. 

It comes after another group of Punggolese won praise for breaking the selfish panic fever gripping many to set up virus protection stations inside elevators at their housing block.

His wife yesterday live-streamed the group giving out masks. The 17-minute clip showed passers-by, some appearing pleasantly surprised, receiving the handouts. 

Tan’s friends commended his initiative in the comments and thanked him for the work. 

“Just doing my part for society,” Tan wrote in response. 

Singapore now has 24 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, four of which contracted it locally.


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