Cheapskate dad complains to SIA about son (in economy class) not being able to sit with mum in business class

Ah, the antics of cheapskates trying to weasel their way into getting perks for nothing. A dad recently took to the Facebook page of Singapore Airlines to lodge a pretty trivial complaint that fails to hide the man’s attempt to freely upgrade seats for his 3-year-old son. 

Case in point: Dad is mad at SIA over ‘inflexible’ rules. He bought a business class ticket for his wife, but an economy class ticket for his boy. SIA didn’t let the boy stay with his mum in business class. Dad says it’s “totally unacceptable”. 

Photo: Facebook

Some flaws in his unjust complaint:

  • Of course the crew didn’t let him sit in the business class — he doesn’t have a ticket. 
  • Also, it’s not safe for passengers (especially a young boy) to wander around unbuckled. Again, he already has a seat in the economy class, so that’s where he should stay.
  • If he really wanted the boy to sit together with his mum, the dad should have bought them the same class of tickets. Either both in Economy class, or both in Business class.
  • Regardless of harm, it’s also unfair to the other passengers if the air crew lets the boy sit in business class. Passengers pay way more money to enjoy the luxury of business class — why should someone with a cheaper economy class ticket get to enjoy the same luxury? 
  • SIA lost a client, but they’re probably thankful they won’t need to attend to the whims and fancies of yet another cheapskate. 

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