Apparently, Cheers doesn’t sell Rum Rum Raisin ice cream at night due to alcohol curfew

Photo: Facebook

How many tubs of rum raisin ice cream would it take for you to get absolutely turnt? It’s not a risk that local convenience store chain Cheers are taking during the hours when the sale of alcohol is barred.

The Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Act bans drinking in all public places from 10:30pm to 7am every day, and between those hours, retail outlets such as 24/7 convenience stores and supermarkets are not allowed to sell alcohol. Though it’s generally known to mean that you can’t buy a six-pack of booze or a bottle of shitty whiskey, someone posted on Facebook that Cheers regards Udders’ Rum Rum Raisin ice cream just as dangerous. With 3.9% alcohol in each tub, the fear of people starting riots seems to overpower the fear of people getting fat from all that cream and sugar.

But really though, will rum raisin ice cream actually make anyone intoxicated? According to various online forums and Q&A sites, the alcohol content is too low for one to get roaring drunk off boozy ice cream. Probably tipsy at most if you’re gorging on gallons of it, but who’d be willing to do that… right?

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