Alarming new scam demands $50k in exchange for kidnapped daughters

Kidnap scams are in no way new, and one seems to have popped up in recent days — victims receive a text message from a “kidnapper” demanding S$50,000 to be transferred to a specific POSB Savings bank account in return for a “kidnapped” daughter.

Of course, the scam message would sound stupid to anyone who doesn’t have kids or daughters, but it could cause alarm to parents who do. After all, the “kidnapper” also stated that he’d rape the daughter if the police were involved.

Photo: Whatsapp

Grammatical errors and more violent threats abound if the receiver refuses to acknowledge the “kidnapping”.

Photo: Whatsapp

Fielding dozens of reports about the scam, the police have since issued an advisory to the public, urging parents to remain calm and not reply to the threatening messages. Contacting your children first before doing anything else should be a no-brainer, too.

Of course, if you smelled this scam from miles away, you could always mess around with the perpetrator in a manner that would make Liam Neeson proud.

Photo: Whatsapp

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