33 months’ jail for Sim Lim Square conman Jover Chew, who’s getting treatment for depression

Justice has prevailed for all the hapless victims who fell prey to the scams of Sim Lim Square’s infamous Mobile Air shop.

The tech mall’s most notorious figure of swindling practices Jover Chew has been sentenced to 33 months in jail as well as a fine of $2,000, Channel NewsAsia reports. In total, he cheated 26 victims out of $16,599 across a 10-month period in his mobile phone store Mobile Air.

Chew and his four cronies were arrested last year for a series of highly-publicised cases involving customers getting furious and upset that they were tricked into paying for products at severely inflated prices. His former employees have been handed jail terms ranging from four to 14 months.

In court, the 33-year-old conman pleaded guilty to 12 charges of cheating that transpired from January to October 2014.

This would prove to be the end of the Scam Lim Square saga that caused headlines last year. Incidents including the likes of Chew refunding a cheated patron in coins and causing a Vietnamese man to break down in tears before begging for his money back caused a furore in Singapore. An extremely successful crowdfunding campaign launched for the Vietnamese victim and SMRT Ltd (Feedback)’s exposing Chew’s private details solidified the prominence of Mobile Air’s misdeeds as well.

Reportedly, Chew’s troubles have only started. It was revealed that Chew is undergoing treatment for depression, while his wife has initiated divorce proceedings. Massive debts have been incurred by his elder brother, and it also looks like Chew’s the sole supporter of his parents.

Photo: Ilyas Sholihyn

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