2 alleged cases of heinous cruelty to cats pop up in Yishun in less than several hours

Yishun never fails to horrify, and today is no different. Harking back to the days when rampant cruelty to stray cats transpired across Siao Lang Town, two new cases (in less than a couple of hours) have popped up to distress feline lovers everywhere. 

Case #1

Photo: Fadillah AR / Facebook

Facebook user Fadillah AR alerted the Singapore Community Cats page about her cousin coming across a dead cat that was left behind on a road divider near Yishun MRT station. According to said cousin, the poor kitty was found with a slit throat — and the image uploaded showed that its neck seemed to have been tied up as well (though we can’t verify it). The Agri-food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) are on the case, Fadillah says. 

Case #2

Photo: Yishun 326 Tabby cat Facebook page

In what seems to be another alleged case of deliberate animal cruelty, a different cat was found dead behind Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. This time, its stomach was found slit open, according to the Yishun 326 Tabby cat Facebook page. Images uploaded showed that the cat’s skin was also flayed off at its jaw. Bottom line is — the cat’s body looks fucked up, so scroll down quickly if you don’t want to look at it. 

Coconuts Singapore understands that the AVA are conducting investigations for both cases, and have visited the scene. 

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Just like its human residents, cats living in Yishun just can’t catch a break from experiencing atrocities. It has been all quiet on the northern front since the ridiculous spate of alleged cat abuse and killings in late 2015/early 2016, with two arrests made in connection to the cases. 

Those arrests don’t mean shit, it seems, if it indeed is true that the lives of these two cats were viciously snuffed out by human hands. 

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