Welcome to The Fragment Room, Singapore’s first facility to vent your rage by wrecking shit up

Photo: The Fragment Room / Facebook
Photo: The Fragment Room / Facebook

Rage rooms are all the rage (hur hur) across the world, and its easy to see why — where else can you wreck shit up safely and without consequence?

Forget therapies — you too can achieve peace of mind after breaking everything in sight at these rage rooms, where objects are provided for the sole purpose of being destroyed.

Look, we all know Singaporeans are a wound-up/uptight/stressed/no chill bunch, and maybe a facility that enables them to go berserk would do some good. Enter The Fragment Room, Singapore’s (and Southeast Asia’s) first rage room that lets you HULK SMASH — for a fee, of course.

Don’t let the chic industrialist decor fool you — the space at 3 Balestier Road is a temple dedicated to the art of disintegration. And it just opened its doors yesterday.

“We’re providing a safe no judgment environment for you to release all your cooped up emotions in the medium of breaking objects in a soundproof room, fully equipped with safety equipment to stop you guys from hurting yourselves,” The Fragment Room offers.

Packages come in all sizes to suit your rage levels. Starting at $38, The Rage Room will provide crates of breakables, weapons of choice (are you a sledgehammer or a bat kinda person?), safety gears and more. Since it’s keeping to the whole hypebeast aesthetic, there’s even a pair of Yeezy 950 boots and Supreme-branded crowbar to rent, should you want to feel snazzy while going HAM.

The place is open for breaking business from 1pm till 10pm everyday, and business has indeed been booming, judging from issues it’s been facing with the booking system earlier today. Whet your appetite for destruction on The Fragment Room’s spiffy website.

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