We asked a spiritual doctor how hoodoo can help in dealing with life’s problems

Photo: Alurea Conjure
Photo: Alurea Conjure

In the midst of uncertainty and all the wacky stuff going on in the world, it’s been easy to feel hopeless about the situation, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Hoodoo is gaining popularity as a means to alleviate pandemic-induced anxiety as well as other life problems, and if you’re thinking of turning to the spiritual, you’re not alone.

“Many are perhaps seeking solace and answers in spirituality, either due to the current global disarray or a prevalent rise in our consciousness,” explains spiritual doctor Alurea Conjure, and it’s what she wants to help with. The Singapore-based hoodoo practitioner is making spiritual work more accessible to the masses through her website, and we jumped at the chance to chat with her about how hoodoo can help in dealing with life’s problems.

What is hoodoo? 

Photo: Alurea Conjure

Hoodoo, also known as rootwork, involves a host of spiritual practices of folk magic with roots in various African American traditions. Elements of indigenous botany in the form of herbs, roots and minerals and animal curios are used to call upon natural spiritual forces to conjure a desired outcome in reality. According to Alurea, rootwork is quite similar to shamanism, and her practice combines African American hoodoo and Native South American shamanism to help improve specific situations for people from all walks of life. 

Some of the purported effects include, but are not limited to, attracting business prosperity, manifesting success at work or school, increasing fertility, improving one’s luck, and gaining the favor of your in-laws. 

Spiritual work however, shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for physical solutions but rather as something that complements it, and it shouldn’t be seen as a last resort but rather something used in conjunction with traditional medicine. Alurea explains that getting ahead of the problem is key, and it all starts with a positive mindset. 

“I do encourage everyone to maintain an unwavering optimism even when situations appear bleak. There is always help available. Seek out professionals for practical means of support, and simultaneously check in with a spiritual doctor for aid from unseen forces.”

Among her clientele is a stroke patient who made a full recovery within half a year from being completely paralyzed on the right side of the body, which Alurea explains is a combination of excellent healthcare and spiritual work. 

Separate from the medical doctor’s work, Alurea takes on a holistic approach to the healing process. In this case, her work involved calling on spirits to aid in facilitating an accurate medical diagnosis, assistance in expediting administrative procedures, and boosting the patient’s willpower to recover. She goes on to explain that the spirits often have the means to affect changes in our lives, but only if we ask them to — and it all starts with a personal reading. 

What can you expect in a rootwork session? 

Photo: Alurea Conjure

A personal reading via email starts at S$50, and after making the purchase you will be asked to provide Alurea with your personal details and a description of the situation at hand. Next, you have the option to purchase her rootwork service which starts at S$350. Don’t be shocked if you’re asked to send over a bit of your hair. 

“Hair, which consists of our DNA, offers a stronger link to the spiritual work,” explains Alurea. She then decides on the type of spiritual work that needs to be done and prepares the necessary items such as candles, herbs, minerals, incense, powders, and petition papers. In some cases, a herbal bath will be prescribed and then the actual spiritual work begins. The process may take anywhere between one day to two weeks depending on the problem, and all that’s left to do is be patient. 

Can you do hoodoo by yourself? 

Photo: Alurea Conjure

The short answer is yes, but like anything that’s worth getting into, you have to do your due diligence and a good starting point would be to read up on the history of rootwork. After all, it’s a practice with a deep history. According to Alurea, being in the right frame of mind is key, and she advises beginners to take it slow. Rushing into rootwork for a problem in every aspect of your life can affect its efficacy, she says. Instead, she suggests starting in one area first, for example in money, love or luck. 

There are many traditional hoodoo products for sale, and some of her best-selling products include the Come to Me Candle, Money Drawing Candle, and Academic Success Candle. These are exactly as it says on the jar — the Come to Me Candle is described as being used to attract the attention of a potential romantic interest or to attract a new love, while the Money Drawing Candle touts a similar effect for those whose love is money. 

There’s something for everyone, and Alurea Conjure has got all you worried parents covered with the Academic Success Candle to help students achieve good results in school. Fixed candles are also what she recommends for beginners as these come dressed with the necessary oils, herbs, roots, and minerals. All that’s left to do is to pray and burn the candle on top of a piece of paper with your written desires. 

Make rootwork work for you

Photo: Alurea Conjure

While Alurea encourages all to get in touch with their spiritual side, those who are fearful of or doubt the existence of spirits should not attempt rootwork. After all, the practice involves seeking aid from spirits, and doing it with conviction is a huge part of making it work, especially when it comes to manifesting personal goals and dreams. If you’re unsure, you might be better off engaging a spiritual doctor to do the work for you who will know the best approach, but do look out for fakes!

A good rule of thumb is to avoid anyone that promises a 100% success rate, and to check if they mention the kind of spiritual practice and spirits the doctor works with. According to Alurea, real spiritual doctors are knowledgeable about the spirits they work with, and will be able to describe the interactions and dynamics between humans and spirits in detail. Another telltale sign is in the products — oils made by a spiritual doctor should contain real herbs, and not just be plain oils dyed different hues. Never trust a practitioner who offers rootwork as an outright alternative to visiting a doctor, either. 

If you’re ready to dive into the world of hoodoo, head over to Alurea Conjure’s website to learn more, or to get a personal reading done. 

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