Three ways foodpanda can be a lifesaver for those who always need more time

Photo: foodpanda
Photo: foodpanda


Ahh, delivery apps. It’s not hard to see why apps like foodpanda have become a staple since Circuit Breaker. The app has been a go-to for meals, but now it’s become a convenient one-stop shop for all other essentials, whether it’s a bag of ice for your impromptu gathering, or if you’ve run out of sugar (of all things!) when you’ve got a hankering for freshly baked cookies. 

It’s a good thing we have all this technology at our fingertips as we stay home and stay safe. Saying you’d be spoiled for choice is an understatement, as a whole bunch of restaurants and shops are available on foodpanda — it’s like going to the mall, but from the comfort of your sofa. Here are some situations in which the app can come in handy, and you’ll wanna stay till the end for some promo codes. 

Photo: foodpanda
Photo: foodpanda

Let someone else do the cooking

After a long day of working from home and endless Zoom meetings, the last thing on your mind is to start cooking dinner, but your stomach is growling for your attention. You could get the chicken from the freezer, but thinking about the time it’ll need to thaw is making you lose your appetite. And not to mention the pile of dishes that await you once you’re done. That little voice at the back of your head telling you to order food just might have a point. 

Give yourself the night off from cooking, and let someone else take over. That someone could be any of the 16,000 restaurant partners on foodpanda — the hard part will be deciding what to eat. There’re a whole bunch of cuisines to choose from, whether you’re after some humble hawker fare or some hearty dishes from well-loved restaurants. Maybe it’s payday and you’re feeling like splashing out on dishes from Michelin-starred restaurants and a bottle of red. You can filter restaurants by type of cuisine and by category, e.g. appetizers or desserts to narrow down your choices. Treat yourself, and get dinner delivered!

It’s also the only way you can get the highly coveted McDonald’s BTS meal that just dropped. Whether you’re looking to *ahem* wash and sell the packaging for a profit (we don’t judge) or even turn it into some custom sneakers, all it’ll take is a few taps. 

If working from home has you feeling stir-crazy though, maybe taking a short walk to get your food is a good idea. Opt for Pick-Up through the app and give yourself a pat on the back, ’cause you’ve just earned a discount (from 15% off), and your food will be ready when you get there. Here’s how in three easy steps:

  1. Order Pick-Up on the foodpanda app
  2. Show up at the restaurant to collect your order
  3. Enjoy! 

It’s simple, and not to mention a great way to skip the long lines at popular stores. Never stand in line for bubble tea again!

Photo: foodpanda
Photo: foodpanda

Your personal grocery shopper

The app isn’t just convenient for getting food either. Picture this: you’ve invited the in-laws over for dinner and there are about two hours before they arrive. As you take stock of the different ingredients you’ve covered the kitchen countertops with, you’re ready to start cooking. You put on your apron, but to your absolute shock and horror, you’ve realized you’re fresh out of soy sauce — it’s important for the dish you’re making, and you don’t want to disappoint the in-laws. You could totally head out now and rush home, but the clock’s ticking and let’s be real — do you even want to go out just for one bottle of soy sauce, and in this weather? Maybe there’s a better way where you won’t even have to leave your house.

We’re talking about pandamart of course. All you have to do is key in your address on the foodpanda app and you can get anything you need 24/7. We’re talking fresh produce and even meat and seafood (at select pandamart stores) delivered in 30 minutes, and skip those long queues. Besides the bag of rice, maybe it’s a good idea to throw in dog food and other items you’ll be glad you don’t have to lug back home by yourself. It doesn’t hurt that there’s such a wide variety of alcohol to choose from, and you pick a pour that’ll help calm the nerves and make the night with the in-laws go smoothly. 

All that’s left to do now is get ready to channel your inner Gordon Ramsay. Like any good chef though, you’re always on the lookout for the best deals and we’ve got one for you. From now until Jul. 31, use the voucher code TAPINTOMART for S$12 off on your first pandamart order, and get two vouchers worth S$8 each.

Photo: foodpanda
Photo: foodpanda

Anything else you might need in a jiffy

And we mean anything. It’s your good friend’s birthday tomorrow and you’re getting hyped about the fact that we can celebrate birthdays in groups of five again. Your friend won’t know what hit them when you show them the birthday present you got! Oh wait. In your haste to get home and prepare for the festivities tomorrow, getting a present completely slipped your mind, and now you’ve gotta remind yourself to breathe. As you remember how to use your lungs again, you remember that you actually have a whole bunch of options thanks to foodpanda shops

It’s a marketplace for shops with over 4,000 merchants across different categories ranging from specialty snacks and groceries to health and beauty, electronics, convenience stores and even florists. Florists! You’re now grinning to yourself as you search for the perfect bouquet to pre-order for tomorrow — and you think about how this can also be a great way to make up with your significant other after a tiff. The hard part is over, and we think you deserve a reward too. After all, self-care is important, and the fact that brands like Marks & Spencer, Lush and The Body Shop are available on the app makes it easy to get that beautifully scented body wash you’ve been eyeing. 

Even stuff you think you might not need until it’s urgent, like a pregnancy test kit or sanitary pads from Watsons. Or even emergencies like *gasp* a shortage of alcohol at a dinner party. Your reputation as hostess with the mostest simply must be preserved, and you pick up your phone to order a few bottles from Wine Connection to keep the party going. Guess it’s a good thing you can order food, groceries or other essentials 24/7.

Save big on your order when you use the promo code TAPINTOSHOPS for S$12 off on your first shops order with a minimum spend of S$20 and get two vouchers worth S$8. New promo codes are released every month too, so don’t forget to keep checking foodpanda’s website.

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