Six Senses Maxwell’s new spa pods are like a mini oasis in Singapore’s bustling city center

The treatment room. Photo: Six Senses Maxwell
The treatment room. Photo: Six Senses Maxwell

After Six Senses Singapore opened its sister sites Duxton and Maxwell last year, months after one another, the hotel has finally launched its mini spa experience. It’s not quite a fully fleshed out space, but even though it only takes up a corridor of converted rooms on the fourth floor of Six Senses Maxwell, it’s no less indulgent.

The building exterior. Photo: Six Senses Maxwell
The building exterior. Photo: Six Senses Maxwell

The building is concealed at the corner of Cook Street and Tras Street, and its wellness area is just as hidden. To get there, you’ll have to take the elevator up and climb the last flight of stairs in a currently bare passageway that we hear will soon be adorned with decor fitting for a spa.

The lobby reception. Photo: Six Senses Maxwell
The lobby reception. Photo: Six Senses Maxwell

Once you hit the top stair, that familiar, soothing spa scent greets you. The stretch of five spa pods and two relaxation rooms looks as grand as the rest of the hotel, and it’s a nice break from the bustle of Tanjong Pagar outside. Just knowing you’re being pampered here while others are hard at work in their offices is enough to get into the mood to unwind.

As you sign in and fill up a form at the welcome area, you’re treated to a drink of apple cider vinegar, lemongrass, and honey. The spa offers Six Senses’ signature massages like the deep tissue one to ease stress and muscle tension (S$150/60 mins, S$210/90 mins), and the energizing detox option (S$150/60 mins, S$210/90 mins) that uses dry brushing and silicone cups to improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Plus, wellness “retreats” that are only available in Singapore include the locally-inspired one that starts off with a Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation. The two-hour-and-fifteen-minute option (S$300) is followed by a massage, scrub, body mask, and facial massage, before ending with a meal at either Six Senses Duxton’s Yellow Pot Chinese Restaurant or Six Senses Maxwell’s Cook & Tras Social Library.

If you’ve only got lunch hour to spare, try the Purifying Urban Express (S$130/45 mins) for deep cleansing, brightening and radiance. Both facial and body treatments here use organic and sustainable products from The Organic Pharmacy. For a full body exfoliation (S$120/45 mins), you can choose from “detoxifying”, which uses a lemon, eucalyptus, and seaweed scrub, or “nourishing”, with its ylang ylang-infused sugar and salt scrub.

Besides these experiences, the hotel also hosts yoga (S$160/60 mins) and meditation (S$150/45 mins) sessions, although those don’t come cheap. Or you can settle for prettifying your nails with a mani-pedi (from S$70/60mins) that uses Bio Sculpture polish as a healthier alternative.

The mani-pedi room. Photo: Six Senses Maxwell
The mani-pedi room. Photo: Six Senses Maxwell

But to fully luxuriate, opt for the Vanda “Miss Joaquim”, a 120-minute, Singapore-inspired ritual that will set you back no less than S$280. The treatment starts with a thoroughly relaxing back, neck, and shoulder massage, the pressure customized to your comfort level, adding on warm amethyst crystals to help ease away whatever stress or tension you’re holding on to.

Next, you’re polished clean with a lovely, orchid-scented Himalayan salt scrub. After you rinse it off in the ensuite bathroom, your therapist will apply a rose body mask and wrap you tightly in a warm cocoon while she gives you a lifting facial massage. It’s all so blissful, you can expect to nod off somewhere before the two-hour mark is up.

Inside the relaxation room. Photo: Six Senses Maxwell
Inside the relaxation room. Photo: Six Senses Maxwell

At the end of the session, you can opt to get slicked up with rose and jasmine body oil, then head to one of the relaxation rooms to recline on a So-Sound Legato Healing Lounger. The plush chair allows for you to feel the sound vibrations of whatever music you’ve chosen (from ocean sounds to uplifting beats), and you can stay in the space for about 15 minutes with your platter of ginger tea and nibbles like green grapes and almond-stuffed dates before strolling out of the hotel, all rejuvenated and ready to face the world again.


Six Senses Maxwell’s spa pods are at Six Senses Maxwell, 2 Cook St.

6914-1410. Daily 11am-8pm.
MRT: Tanjong Pagar/Chinatown

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