Singapore’s own Sonny Liew will co-write new season of ‘Adventure Time’ in comic book form

Adventure Time Season 11 #1, variant cover by Julie Benbasset. Via BOOM! Studios Facebook page
Adventure Time Season 11 #1, variant cover by Julie Benbasset. Via BOOM! Studios Facebook page

Fare thee well, Adventure Time. Beloved by both kids and adults alike, Cartoon Network’s delightfully charming and outlandish series ran for ten long seasons across eight years, and its final episode was aired earlier this month.

But lo, it seems that the adventures of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog will be getting another season after all — in the form of a comic series that will be helmed by Singapore’s own Sonny Liew and My Little Pony writer Ted Anderson. It shouldn’t be surprising that the man was roped in to pen the story because the man did win three Eisner Awards (the comic industry’s version of the Oscars) for his highly acclaimed 2015 graphic novel The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye.

The Beat reported that Adventure Times Season 11 #1 will be the official comic book continuation of the Emmy award-winning animated series, and will have Liew and Anderson on board as writers and artist Marina Julia as illustrator.

“I hadn’t watched many animated series since the heyday of The Simpsons, but once I sat down and watched Adventure Time, I was immediately hooked,” said Liew in a press release for comic book imprint Boom! Studios.

“It gave me a sense of afternoons spent watching cartoons as a kid, somehow appealing to both the adult and kid inside you. I didn’t try to analyze the form or structure too much, wanting to just enjoy the series on its own… but I suppose now I’m working on scripts for the comics, I’ll have to watch it again with a different lens, and try to figure out the methods behind the magic”.

On Twitter Liew played down his role in the new comic series, claiming that his contributions were largely suggesting story ideas.

Created by Pendleton Ward back in 2010, the sci-fi fantasy series is inspired by his childhood obsession with Dungeons & Dragons, and has garnered a highly passionate fan base (including dozens of celebrity guest stars) for its amazing visuals and off-kilter humor, amidst genuinely emotional storylines. According to BOOM! Studios, Adventure Time Season 11 will pick up directly after the aftermath of The Great Gum War, featuring the heroic duo embarking on even more adventures with new friends.

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