Singapore wants its Wong Kar-wai so badly ticket sales crashed – again

Singaporeans seem really “in the mood” for some Wong Kar-wai.
Singaporeans seem really “in the mood” for some Wong Kar-wai.

Singaporeans seem really “in the mood” for some Wong Kar-wai. 

A month after first crashing ticket sales, fans have overwhelmed independent cinema The Projector in a frenzy to secure tickets to very limited screenings of movies next month by the celebrated Hong Kong filmmaker. 

Ticket sales by The Projector are still on hold today as the cinema fixes its broken website, which was blown offline shortly after tickets went on sale Monday. 

“You guys hugged the whole ticketing platform to death, even the alt links are not working. BRB, we’re calling tech for help right now,” the cinema said online, adding that it had only sold 5% of tickets. “Please don’t panic.” 

Tickets went on sale for S$18, with transactions limited to eight seats. 

Three films starring Wong’s premier leading man Tony Leung are available for viewing. They are: 1994’s Chungking Express, 2000’s In The Mood for Love and 2004’s 2046. Only four screenings are available for each movie between April 11 and May 2. 


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It wasn’t the first time Singapore went wild over Wong’s films. Last month, fans criticized the Asian Film Archive after crashing its website.

Reactions to The Projector’s suspended ticket sales were more civil. Some were happy that they still had a “chance” to score tickets and could “relax” for now.

“I was so worried haha, Ok ok will wait then,” Rondrivesucrazy wrote.

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