OnlyFans creator Titus Low smacked with more charges for allegedly disobeying police

Former OnlyFans creator Titus Low in a bathtub. Photo: Titus Low/Instagram
Former OnlyFans creator Titus Low in a bathtub. Photo: Titus Low/Instagram

A Singaporean adult content creator already facing prosecution over his penis was handed additional charges today.

Titus Low Kaide, 22, was charged with disobeying police orders last year by allegedly uploading obscene content to subscription sex platform OnlyFans in defiance of an order not to resume use of the account.

Low, who is one of the platform’s top creators in Singapore, had been accused of uploading 20 lewd photos and 14 videos on the platform between November and December, and allegedly accessed his account a month after being ordered not to in October.

The police said he regained control of his account by telling OnlyFans it had been compromised and sent more nudes via another account. 

Low has not immediately responded to Coconuts’ messages seeking comment.

OnlyFans is a private subscription platform that allows paid subscribers to view the content of individuals’ channels. While that content may consist of anything, it’s pretty much all porn. 

Low now has five criminal counts under his belt, with three handed down in late December for the same charges. He is accused of uploading 32 obscene photos and 29 videos to his account from April to October.

Low was arrested in December, three months after an unidentified individual went to the police to tattle-tale on all the photos and videos of his junk.

In response, Loh uploaded a video on his YouTube channel last month telling haters to mind their own business and said he will put a pause on uploading on OnlyFans for now.

His bail is set at S$5,00 and is expected to be back in court on March 14.

After this story was published, Low told Coconuts that he still hopes to create more explicit content and is also “considering moving elsewhere for good.” Low said he is currently shifting attention to his YouTube channel and collection of NFTs.

“As I do not wish for my bail order to be remanded, I have to not access my Onlyfans account for the time being. Of course I still wish to create explicit content online, but it all depends on how this case goes,” he wrote.

If found guilty of transmitting obscene material electronically, he can be jailed for up to three months with a fine. He can also be jailed for up to six months with a S$5,000 fine if found guilty of failing to comply with the order not to access his OnlyFans account. 

Update: This story has been updated with a response from Low.

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