How much would a round-trip to see this summer’s World Cup cost you?


Just a friendly reminder that we are less than 2 weeks away from the world’s biggest sporting event – FIFA World Cup. For the first time the tournament will be set in Russia, one of the colder frontiers where 32 teams are anticipated to compete for the World Cup.

Many of you will be watching from your TV screens, or in many cases, tucking your phones in your pockets listening to live coverage while working. A few will have saved enough money to jet themselves all the way to Moscow to cheer on their favorite teams scramble and kick for glory.

Some may be curious as to how much they’d have to save in order to go to Russia – a round-trip plane ticket with 3-day quality accommodation included? That’s approximately SGD3,500. Let’s see what this translates to – so here we go:

It would cost you 500 Starbucks Latte Venti

That is seriously a huge amount of coffee you’d have to trade up. Imagine how energy deprived you’d be at work, or how much effort it requires to keep your eyes open while compiling your quarterly report.

It is equivalent to 875 meals of Hainanese Chicken Rice

Did you know that you could stretch these 875 meals out across 9 months if you ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner consecutively? That is a lot of chickens, and uric acid. Just beware of gout.

How about 15 pairs of the in-demand Nike Hyper React for the ladies

If you were given choice of either sporting some lit, and super comfy sneakers or flying out to Russia to witness heavenly handsome guys clash it out on grass turf over a ball, we wonder what it’d be. We’d go with the latter option, but that’s a tough call to make.

If you were out drinking, that’ll round up to 180 glasses of Mojito

Look, it’s summer – that means it’s hot, mucky, and you’re in critical need of something refreshing. Mojito just does the job. So you might have to sacrifice the most essential summer remedy. We feel you.

Or free of charge.

What? We’re not bluffing. It’s honestly simple, and in fact it’s a double win. Get your phone out and install the ubiquitously used app for socializing, Paktor, if you haven’t already. Set your profile picture to your best look and make sure it’s football-related.

Simple, right? We think so too.

It’s even better if you get your photographer friend to get the best possible and most appealing shot because the profile with the most right swipes will instantly fly out to Moscow, Russia, plus 3-nights accommodation. All paid for.

We almost forgot that you get to bring along a pal of your choice – it could be your friend, office crush, your boss (if that’s your strategy for getting a raise), your photographer friend as a token of ‘thank you’, or someone you’ve matched with on Paktor, if you both somehow seem to get along extremely well.

The winner will be selected on June 25, 2018.

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