‘Miffed’ by OnlyFans’ ban on explicit content, Singapore creators look elsewhere

From left to right: Singapore’s OnlyFans creators Lucytoday, Lustchjc and Demi Heng. Photo: Lucytoday, Lustchjc, Demi Heng
From left to right: Singapore’s OnlyFans creators Lucytoday, Lustchjc and Demi Heng. Photo: Lucytoday, Lustchjc, Demi Heng

At least three Singapore content creators are thinking of moving out of OnlyFans after the platform announced that it was restricting sexually explicit content starting October. 

OnlyFans, the UK paid subscription-based platform famous for its salacious content, revealed yesterday that it was going to ban such posts from its site amid pressures from banking and payment provider partners, reports said. The move doesn’t seem to make sense for some creators, who mostly pander to the sexually curious. 

“I’m really miffed about this ban on explicit content. It’s a dick move. This move smacks of greed and foolishness! Onlyfans banning explicit content is like Pornhub banning porn,” said Singapore creator Lucy, who has over 3,000 subscribers. The platform has garnered millions of users since launching in 2016. 

“They are forsaking their content creators and fans who made them what they are in a bid for investor money,” Lucy added. “This move smacks of greed and foolishness!”

Lucy joined OnlyFans last month and said that she has since earned over S$10,900 (US$8,000) from the platform. She mainly uploads photos of herself in sexy outfits, nudes, and other sexual content while also working in finance. 

Lucy is among those considering migrating to other platforms that are more sex friendly, such as social networking site Fansly. 

Another creator, known only as Lana, 19, also said the move did not seem to make sense. 

“[It’s] like [McDonald’s] not selling fast food [OnlyFans] will [definitely] go bankrupt as sex workers were the one building up OnlyFans reputation,” she said. Lana claims to have raked in six- to seven-figure earnings from her NSFW (not safe for work) content since February. She declined to reveal the number of subscribers she has.

Content creator Demi, 30, who regularly uploads photos of herself in sexy lingerie, also expressed her disappointment over the move, especially coming from a platform that had been acting as a safe space for sex workers. 

“I think they are doing this due to the pressure from banking partners and payout providers,” she said. “But in my opinion, this is quite a dumb move for them as most of their income comes from sex workers, and they have also provided a safe space for sex workers to do their work especially in this pandemic.”

Demi has been using OnlyFans since February to post content for her roughly 300 subscribers. She claims to have earned more than S$20,000 (US$15,000) from the platform. 

A statement from OnlyFans said yesterday that nude photos and videos will still be allowed so long as they abide by their revised policy, which will be released at a later date. Reports state that the platform has more than 130 million users. 

In the past year, the platform has been shining the spotlight on more family-friendly lifestyle and entertainment content creators like musicians, fitness instructors, and chefs.

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