Michelle Chong scores Best Director award for Lulu The Movie at the Canada International Film Festival

Photo: Michelle Chong / Facebook

In another rare and surprising event for Singaporeans’ creative industry, actress and filmmaker Michelle Chong snagged the Best Director award for Lulu The Movie at the Canada International Film Festival 2017. No, really.

Chong wasted no time in channeling the eponymous character of Lulu in her statement earlier today, saying, “This is my first Best Director award, and it comes from an ‘Ang Moh’ country no less! And I didn’t even have to pay for it!”

“It’s moving to me that the Canadians understand and appreciate the style and humour of the movie. Lulu love Canada! Lulu love Justin Trudeau!”

We’re sure Justin Trudeau would love your movie too, Lulu.

Chong first unveiled the titular character on Channel 5’s comedic news parody show The Noose — it’s since proven to be so popular that she brought Lulu to the silver screen.

Lulu The Movie is the third movie that Chong has written, directed and produced, after 2011’s Already Famous and 2013’s 3 Peas in a Pod. It was released in Singapore cinemas last November, taking third spot at local box offices by grossing $2.1 million. While 3 Peas in a Pod received a lukewarm reception and barely broke even financially, Already Famous was selected as Singapore’s entry to 2012 Oscars under the Best Foreign Film Category.

Chong set up her own film company called Huat Films back in 2011 and started her own artiste management agency Left Profile — managing her and fellow Mediacorp artistes Pornsak and Lee Teng — in 2012.

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