More Than Meets The Eye: Behind the scenes with Bangkok fashion photographer Benya Hegenbarth


What’s the difference between a good photograph, a great photograph, and a masterpiece? It’s not an easy question, but we asked Benya Hegenbarth, nonetheless. After all, Benya is quickly making a name for himself as a leading photographer in Bangkok. His answer? It all depends on the way the photo makes you feel, from first impression to lasting impact.

We had the opportunity to follow Benya Hegenbarth, whose works are featured in Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and many more, to a photoshoot at VITTORIO on Sukhumvit 39. Watch the video above to see how Benya uses light, expression, and angles to create a lasting impact with his photos.

VITTORIO on Sukhumvit 39 was the setting for the shoot. The new building is just a few steps from BTS Phrom Phong, but once inside you would never guess that you’re in the midst of bustling Bangkok. The interior is absolutely idyllic, with tall marble and glass doors to keep the cacophony of city sounds at bay.

We walked into the spacious lobby featuring three larger-than-life paintings by the notable Thai artists on the wall. What felt like a contemporary art museum, sans the crowds, was complemented by glittering Palissandro Bluette marble from floor to ceiling.

Private elevators (vertical travel is made stylish with shargreen (stingray) and marble interiors) open up directly into each unit. Benya’s first location was a glamorously decorated condominium unit elegantly furnished by Alexander Lamont, each piece designed down to the finest details with expert craftsmanship.

As the shutter sounds filled the silence (which lasted from lobby to unit) we quietly observed his shoot as he moved from spacious balcony views overlooking the city to the floor-to-ceiling windows to the stand-alone bathtub.

The next locations were Salone 39, a lounge, and Club Kinetic, the building’s exclusive gym, both located on the 28th floor, and separated by a gravity-defying sculpture in between. Both rooms share one thing in common, an incredibly high level of privacy. All treadmills are set apart in Club Kinetic, so exercising doesn’t mean sacrificing privacy. The same goes for the reading corners in Salone 39, which offers total peace in areas that easily adapt to seclusion or group gatherings.

As the sun set we walked down the marble staircase to the Arno Vitality Pool. The clean white marble decorated pools reminded us of Trevi Fountain in Rome, but instead of ground level, you’re high above the glittering Bangkok skyline.

Before we knew it, Benya was done with the shoot. We thanked him for the great experience and said our goodbyes. He taught us that all the little details matter. To create a masterpiece, you have to put in your heart and soul.

Thanks to VITTORIO for inviting us into explore the world-class luxury property, inspired by the Uffizi Gallery. Each space did indeed remind us of a remarkable masterpiece. If living in a masterpiece of artistic craftsmanship is something you’re dreaming of, the search is over. Visit or for more info.

Special Thanks: Benya Hegenbarth, dresses by


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