Former star Joshua Ang denies soon-to-be ex’s abuse claims

Former actor Joshua Ang and his family in a 2019 photo. Photo: Joshua Ang/Facebook
Former actor Joshua Ang and his family in a 2019 photo. Photo: Joshua Ang/Facebook

Former actor Joshua Ang today is swept up in domestic abuse accusations from his wife after he announced that they would soon file for divorce.

Ang, famous for his role in the 2002 Chinese-language film I Not Stupid, has denied all allegations of violence and domestic abuse leveled by Shannon Low, his former partner and mother of their toddler. He now says he will sue her for defamation, one day after she said online that he had assaulted her and shouted at her on multiple occasions. 

“Actually all of them are false, it’s just ridiculous allegations. I’m actually going to file a civil lawsuit on her. I am going to speak to my lawyer, the letter of demand should be out today or tomorrow,” The 31-year-old told Coconuts today.

Ang said he filed a police complaint against Low today “for defamation and spreading false allegations.”

Low, who owns a beauty parlor, went public with her accusations after Ang announced their two-year marriage was ending. She claimed that he shouted and hurled insults at her in public, used a knife and electrical drill to threaten her during fights, drove recklessly with their 2-year-old son in the car and even bullied their neighbors.

Low also claimed that she had kicked Ang out of the house in June after he hit her in the jaw while carrying their son. Ang denied this, saying he left voluntarily.

“The final straw was when that fatty hit my jaw while I was carrying Jeddy. Since you [want to] start spiling your juicy news, let me make it juicer,” Low wrote.

The couple and their family were in the tabloid spotlight last year after their maid force fed their son too much milk, sending him to the hospital.

Photo: Herdaintydiary/Instagram 
Photo: Herdaintydiary/Instagram

Among all the allegations, Ang defended one August incident in which Low said he forced his way in and stole items from their home.  

Ang told Coconuts that he is awaiting on follow-ups from police reports filed against Low for denying him access to the house when he came back to retrieve his items. He said that he called the cops when Low refused to give him the access code, and four policemen came to assist him. He filed a police report alleging that about S$6,000 worth of his clothes were damaged.

“When I was back there at home on 15 August, it was actually with the assistance of four policemen, two assisted me to open the lock and the other two were there assisting me in collecting back my items,” he said.

“When I retrieved my items, some were already damaged by then so about S$6,000 to S$7,000 worth of clothes were destroyed or thrown away so I managed to retrieve some, they cut up my clothes, they use markers on my clothes,” he added.

Low filed for a restraining order against him in June but it wasn’t granted due to insufficient evidence. Ang also filed for an Access Order in November to see his son after 195 days apart.

Low’s allegations came after Ang posted a picture of a Chinese article revealing his divorce and asked his followers to “congratulate” him on the “good news” instead of pitying him. According to Ang, they both agreed they will file for the divorce in March.

“To me, this is a private matter, I don’t want my child to grow up and in the future see that I’m cyberbullying his mother. To be very honest, I think she’s upset I filed the Access Order that’s why she’s posting all these hoping people will take her side,” he said.

Ang rose to fame when he starred in a popular Chinese-languaged comedy film I Not Stupid in 2002. He has since been out of the spotlight and has been working as a sales manager for an alcohol distribution company.

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