Someone cut the leg off this Sengkang cat and left it to die

The poor dead cat found in Sengkang. Photo: Fioloh/Instagram
The poor dead cat found in Sengkang. Photo: Fioloh/Instagram

A kitty unable to defend itself was found dead with its leg cut off near a discarded knife outside a housing block in Sengkang. 

Cat rescuer Fiona Loh said today that an investigation has been launched since she went to the scene Saturday after being alerted by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Though cleaners had already removed the body of the grey and black tabby from Block 470B of Fernvale Link, Loh obtained images of the gruesome scene from them and called the cops, as well as the area’s town council.

She told Coconuts today that “investigations are underway.” 

The rescuer, who works closely with SPCA, shared photos of Saturday’s scene, one of which showed the cat’s severed leg placed a few steps away from its body and another of a knife hidden inside a nearby maintenance compartment.

She said she was in contact with the Animal Veterinary Service, or AVS, and the police.

“Investigations have started. SPF started retrieving CCTV footage in that cluster on the spot. I will follow up with SPCA, AVS and SPF to ensure that the culprit who did this sadistic act would be caught and charged,” she wrote Saturday.


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Loh said that the animal’s hind leg was “definitely chopped off” as it had a “clean cut.” There were also blood stains on the maintenance door, she said. 

“Seriously… If you don’t like the cats, just walk away, don’t hurt them. What sort of human would actually even do this? I shudder thinking what you would do to humans you don’t like,” she wrote on Instagram. 

Another animal group called the Cat Welfare Society said it was aware of the incident and has posted an online appeal for witnesses to come forward. SPCA is also offering a S$1,000 reward for any leads.

The maximum penalty for animal cruelty is a S$30,000 fine and three years’ jail.

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