Can You Hack It? An Amusing New Video Series That Puts Life Hacks To The Test



Singaporean streaming service Toggle has put common ‘life hacks’ through MythBusters-like trials and compressed each episode to under three minutes. If you enjoy laughing at the misfortune of others or marveling at their fortune, you’ll enjoy Can You Hack It? — a new series of short videos that document scientific experiments, which are conducted to verify or dispel ‘life hacks’.

Can rubbing toothpaste into your broken mobile phone screen, for example, reverse the damage? Can You Hack It? carries out tests and measures the mitigated damage (or none), saving you the heartbreak and wasted toothpaste. Let’s just say that we don’t troll and spoil it away, tune in to and see the result yourself by catching these videos anytime (pretty much on any device from your handheld phone to your smart TV viewed from your pizza-stained couch or even go mobile from any sign-ins on your laptop).

Watch the first episode below or click here.

Oops — sorry for the intermission, you’ll find out if toothpaste truly is the miracle balm for cracked mobile devices or if this practice is the equivalent of rubbing salt into this already-expensive wound.

If you often receive weird advice from relatives in your family group chat, this weekly episodic Toggle series lets you find out the truth and possibly form a verified rebuttal. Can You Hack It?’s videos are each only a few minutes long, so watching them on your mobile device won’t drain much of your cellular data. Watch these videos in the office when your boss is not looking, in the name of self-improvement, or watch them with friends and family while betting on the final reveals might be a way to make easy bucks.

Do wrist-trainers really make your hand grip harder and wrist stronger? Do avocados really ripen faster when stored in paper bags (for those who are looking to make quick smashed avocado toast)?

Are banana holders effective and do they even work in the first place? Stifling questions like these that confound the general population are answered once and for all, in a captivatingly informative and concise fashion, on Toggle’s original series Can You Hack It?.

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