The Only Bag You’ll Ever Need: Here’s why you have to check out the Quiver X bag

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We’ll just cut to the point here. If you’re like us, trying to find the perfect bag that will put an end to your search has been a nightmare. “I like the design, but it’s too small.” “This is nice but it doesn’t have a lot of compartments.” Listen up peeps, here’s the bag that might very well put your search to an end. Meet Quiver X and read on to find out why we love this bag.

First of all, you can carry it in multiple ways. Either as a backpack, crossbody, or as a briefcase. It’s practically like you have three bags in one. This perk means you don’t have to buy a ton of different bags for different occasions.

Adventurous souls who find it so hard to live a humdrum life and always seek out exciting activities, listen up. The Quiver X has this everything-resistant exterior fabric that safeguards against wetness, mud, and sand. Whether you’re going for a muddy hike or dashing through the rain to a meeting, you know your belongings will be just fine.

Have you ever had a love-hate situation with your bag? You love it because it looks nice and it represents your style, but it hurts your back or your shoulders when you carry it. Well, say goodbye to that issue because you can adjust the Quiver X comfortably to your body movements through a neat auto-rotate button on the strap.

Worry no more about safety, the Quiver X has auto-lock zippers, privacy pouch, and an RFID protection card slot. It also has different compartments, including one for your laptop, and easy access pockets that allow fast external access to essentials. How convenient!

Don’t let us bore you with all these details. Take a look for yourself at their Kickstarter campaign here. You’d better hurry, the campaign ends this Monday!

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