Release of latest Yeezy Boost sneakers sets off ‘zombie apocalypse’ at Wisma Atria

Photos: Redditor LeWilmon/Reddit
Photos: Redditor LeWilmon/Reddit

Sneakerheads surrounding the entrance at AWLab, a sneaker store in the Orchard Road mall Wisma Atria, could hardly contain themselves as the shop’s doors opened on Saturday morning, June 22 — in fact, they straight-up burst through the doors just to get their hands on a pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Synth shoes. 

It’s a scene reminiscent of the recent KAWS x Uniqlo t-shirts release. There was rabid-level coveting. There was limited supply of a much overhyped product. It was a combination that could only conclude in chaos. 

In this video that has made the rounds online, screaming and shouting — both of joy and pained dismay — can be heard as the first herd of hopeful consumers successfully wrenches it way to the other side of the store’s shutters by getting down on their bellies and crawling through the small opening. As the shutters slowly continue their rise, yet another wave of thirsty patrons wriggle through to score a pair of their Precious.

The video ends by showing the crowd begin to thin out, and a single shoe can be seen lying on the ground without its owner’s foot attached to it. 

Scenes from 6AM Yeezy drop at Wisma from r/singapore

The video has been since been circulating on the internet, with netizens mostly amused by the spectacle and likening the scene to that of a “zombie apocalypse.” Some also commented on the abandoned sneaker on the floor and pointed out the irony of losing one’s (presumably high-end) shoe in the process of getting a new pair of trendy kicks.

Screengrab: Reddit
Screengrab: Reddit
Screengrab: Reddit
Screengrab: Reddit

For those who might not be familiar, the “Synth” 350s shoe line is part of rapper Kanye West’s ongoing partnership with sportswear giant Adidas. These shoes are extremely hard to come by due to the limited quantities produced, so they often sell out very quickly and command absurdly high prices on the resell market.

They are one of the most sought-after trainers in the world. A rare pair of these shoes can cost up to thousands of dollars, and Adidas’ practice of releasing new designs on certain dates, and only at select outlets and retailers, ensures that the thirst for these kicks stays real. 

We’re told the store’s staff managed to contain the day’s frenzy, for the most part — and we’re glad to hear it. Take it Yeezy, people. 

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