It took some time, but folks just realized Mustafa Centre sells Snickers, M&M’s and Galaxy chocolate milk

Photo: @awksski / Twitter

Hundreds of Singaporeans all over suddenly got woke about the availability of candy-flavored chocolate milk in Mustafa Centre, where liquified forms of Snickers, M&M’s and Galaxy are sold to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Though the drinks have been there for quite some time — alongside exclusive Mustafa finds like Coca-Cola Life (the green-colored lower-calorie version) and AriZona Iced Teas (but they’re everywhere now) — Twitter user @awksski recently stumbled upon the beverages and excitedly told the world about her find.

Bottles of candy milk
Photo: @awksski / Twitter


But before you demand why anyone would sell these bottles of liquified diabetes, let Mustafa Centre themselves say…. “WHY NOT”.

The sugary concoctions seem to be of British origins (the drinks are widely found in the UK) and from what Google informs us, Singapore is missing out on so many other candy flavors such as Mars bars, Twix, Milky and (oh God, why) Skittles. The drinks themselves are manufactured by Mars Inc, the confectionary company behind the non-liquified versions of the candies.

Spoiler alert: The drinks are just slightly different variations of chocolate milk except for the Skittles flavor, which tastes like strawberry milk, according to multiple YouTubers. All of which are better off mixed up with alcohol for some sweet sloshing time.

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