The Forbidden Duck is HK chef Alvin Leung’s new Peking duck restaurant in Singapore

Photo: Forbidden Duck
Photo: Forbidden Duck

We never tire of Michelin stars here, it seems — Hong Kong chef Alvin Leung recently set up his new Peking duck eatery at Marina Bay Financial Centre. Granted, Forbidden Duck itself isn’t starred – it’s the ‘Demon Chef’ himself who comes armed with three stars for his Hong Kong venture, Bo Innovation – but say the magic word “Michelin” in this country, and people will come running.

Photo: Forbidden Duck

The 98-seater, which takes over half the space formerly occupied by Crystal Jade Prestige, serves two types of roasted duck. Good old traditional Peking duck ($78), and the restaurant’s signature, a whole duck that’s been slow-roasted for three hours to get that crispy skin ($88). The latter comes with pillowy, calamansi-flavored steamed buns to cut through the oil, plus condiments like hoisin sauce with calamansi, sesame oil, garlic, sugar, and smoked sea salt.

Slow roasted whole duck. Photo: Forbidden Duck

Just like others who’ve come to our shores before him, chef Leung got obsessed with laksa and added it to his menu, serving the diced meat of the slow-roasted duck on a bed of lettuce, mixed with bacon, bean curd, and laksa powder ($18). It’s yet another rendition of a “laksa-inspired” dish to pay homage to our local cuisine, but sure, we’ll take it.

Another locally-inspired dish is the Sri Lanka crab in a fiery white pepper broth ($98), with a zest of calamansi.

Iberico char siu. Photo: Forbidden Duck

Besides focusing on fowl things, the menu also spotlights its Cantonese classic, Iberico pork char siu ($30) slathered with a sweet marinade, and seafood rice in “aromatic duck soup” ($32) brimming with scallops, prawns, and crispy rice pops.

If you’re keen to try the Cantonese-style dim sum here, the crispy taro pastry filled with duck and preserved veggies ($6) is a highlight, as is the pesto duck spring roll ($6) and giant egg tart ($6) hiding a center of egg custard and yuzu.

Crispy taro pastry. Photo: Forbidden Duck


#02-02 Marina Bay Link Mall, 8A Marina Blvd
6509-8767. Daily 11:30am-3pm, 6pm-10pm.
MRT: Downtown

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