Spicy or Cheesy: Which foods make Singaporeans the happiest?


Singapore dropped four places from 22nd to 26th happiest country on the World Happiness Report 2017. But why? Are the gray skies and notoriously hot weather finally taking a toll? Or could it have something to do with all that OT we’re racking up? We’ve mastered the first part of “work hard, play hard”, perhaps it’s time to apply that famous Singaporean work ethic to the second half?

Armed with a camera and a hunger for the truth, we hit the streets to find out what people thought about happiness in their hometown. Did they know their compatriots were down in the dumps? (Nope.) Did they care? (Yes!) And most importantly, what could possibly make us hard-to-please Singaporeans happy again?

As we asked our fellow citizens these hard-hitting questions, an answer to our sad state began to take shape: food. In particular, spicy and cheesy foods topped the list of edible joy.

Are sweet dreams really made of cheese? Watch and find out!

It’s still up for debate which flavor triumphs in the hearts, minds and hungry bellies of Singaporeans. Those cheesy loyalists are a strong bunch, but the chili contingent is just as fired up.

Here’s a happy thought: what if you didn’t have to choose? Enter, KFC. The bonafide chicken masters are doing their part to make Singapore a happier place with a brand new combination of spicy chili and gooey melted cheese, aptly named Hot & Cheesy Chicken.

Better yet, as part of KFC’s new ‘Joy Hour’ Hot & Cheesy Chicken is 1-for-1. Yes, buy one get one free! So go on and share this wondrous new combination of crispy fried chicken, chili, and cheese with everyone you know. Available for dine in, takeaway, or delivery. (OT hours might just turn into happy hours with this delivery deal!)

It’s all part of KFC’s #missionjoy, to make Singaporeans a little happier and make life just a little bit better on our Little Red Dot. Click here for a taste of joy and to learn more about KFC’s mouth-watering #missionjoy.


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