New American-style diner in Clarke Quay serves up Philly cheesesteaks and alcoholic milkshakes

Photo: Philly Shack/Facebook

New on the Clarke Quay block, Philly Shack is an American-style diner that specializes in — no points for guessing — Philly cheesesteaks. Yep, those bread rolls crammed with ribeye steak slices, caramelized onions and a choice of provolone, American cheese or, um, Cheez Whiz ($17). There’s also a ‘Fully Loaded’ option ($19), which packs in green bell peppers, jalapenos and mushrooms — it sounds like the type of greasy goodness party-goers will crave after a night of downing shots and cocktails.

Besides the star of the rather limited menu, other items include the veggie version of the Philly ($12), the beef and bacon burger with sweet potato fries ($20) and the fried chicken burger with grilled pineapples and habanero sauce ($14). Sides in the form of fries ($5-$7), onion rings ($5) and spicy habanero wings with blue cheese dips ($8.50-$14) are also available.

But really, the biggest draw of the casual eatery is its spiked milkshakes. No matter if you choose chocolate bourbon, peanut butter jelly, banana split ($13 each) or the ‘Fully Loaded’ whopper with chocolate bars and candy ($14), you’re pretty much guaranteed a sugar high and an alcoholic rush — both of which you can dance off/sweat out at any of the surrounding nightclubs.

Philly Shack is at 3A River Valley Rd, 6837-0675. Sun-Tues noon-11pm, Wed-Sat noon-2am. 

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