Nasi Lemak going to the dogs, thanks to this Singaporean pet food maker

That’s right. Nasi Lemak in cubes. For your dog.
That’s right. Nasi Lemak in cubes. For your dog.

A pet food maker wants Singapore to share one of its favorite dishes with none other than their furry best friends.

PetCubes has a new, unique dog food formula recreating one of Singapore’s signature dishes — Nasi Lemak! From Aug. 6 onward, dogs in Singapore can celebrate National Day together with their favorite humans by chowing down on their own meal instead of getting fed table scraps.

“As pet parents, nothing quite spells true joy like making your furkids a part of your family celebrations,” the company said in its announcement.

A 320 gram pack costs S$7.50 and contains ingredients similar to the traditional dish. It includes chicken thighs and fresh kuning fish, aka yellowstripe scad, gently cooked and blended with roasted peanuts, brown rice, pandan leaves, and coconut milk. 

No preservatives, artificial flavorings or food dyes are added, the company said.

PetCubes said the formula; which has fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins; exceeds U.S. pet food standards and boasts of immune-boosting compounds such as carotenoids and antioxidants, as well as herbs believed to protect the liver, boost brain function and memory.

Here is the full list of ingredients just in case your fuzzbuddy has an allergy: chicken thigh, kuning fish, chicken heart, brown rice, chicken liver, egg, carrot, cucumber, capsicum, pandan leaf, roasted peanut, coconut milk, ground eggshell, organic kelp, collagen mix, Ashwagandha root, Milk thistle and Vitamin E.

The packs will be sold online starting Aug. 6.

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