Isaac Toast, Seoul’s famous sandwich chain, is opening in Singapore this July

Photo: Isaac Toast & Coffee 台灣/Facebook

Seoul’s biggest sandwich chain, Isaac Toast, is debuting in Singapore this July. Looks like people are pretty psyched about it, too — just look at these reactions on social media.

The popular franchise, which started in 2003, has gathered such a huge following that it’s got over 700 stores around South Korea, with more in Macau and Taiwan. Recently, it also set up shop at the new Paradigm Mall in Johor Bahru, but there’s no reason to brave the causeway jam now that it’s landing here as well.

Its first outlet on our shores will be a takeaway kiosk, joining the other food options in Basement 2 of Plaza Singapura.

Photo: Isaac Toast & Coffee Macau/Facebook

The menu typically carries toast varieties like bulgogi, hot chicken, steak ham, double cheese potato, shrimp, and ham and cheese, with pretty affordable prices (they start from S$2.85) — which will hopefully translate to the store here in Singapore. Coffees and juices are also available.

Above all, though, fingers crossed that the long lines — like the ones known to amass at Isaac Toast outlets in Seoul — will dissipate here soon enough, because we’re not sure if we’re ready to fork over a large chunk of our lives just for a trendy toast.

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