Ikea — a furniture company — temporarily halts selling chicken wings after influx of Singaporean complaints

Photo: Kyle Lam / Flickr

Singaporeans of all colors, creeds, and political alliances recently united to correct an injustice that upset many. We’re talking, of course, about Ikea Singapore’s fried chicken wings, which apparently had been pretty awful, according to many tastebuds.

So Ikea expressed its disappointment at being unable to live up to the sophisticated and highfalutin’ palates of its customers. As such, it’s temporarily stopping the sale of the chicken wings altogether, but it promises that they’ll return once the company has figured out how to make them better. Hopefully the plan is one that doesn’t need assembly instructions.

Now, we haven’t tried the wings from Ikea of late (our recent devotion has been dedicated to Bird Bird’s birds, you see), so we can’t comment on their quality. Nonetheless, lots of disapprovals were voiced about Ikea’s allegedly curtailed level of food standards. Not just for its chicken wings, but for the classic meatballs, salmon and hot dogs as well.

Jeez, that’s a lot of salty comments about the food quality standards of a furniture and home furnishing company.

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