Hokkaido’s famous BAKE Cheese Tart to open second outlet at Westgate

Westies, rejoice. You no longer have to head to Ion Orchard to get in line for a box of BAKE Cheese Tart — just pop over to Westgate and queue up there instead, ’cause the famous Japanese brand is opening a second outlet in Jurong.

Perhaps this means the long queues will dwindle, now that fans have two outlets to buy from — one can only hope.

Coincidentally, there’s another cheese tart shop in the West, and it kinda looks really similar to the one you know and love, but it’s not. This one’s called Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart, and it’s established by Secret Recipe, with several branches scattered across Malaysia. If you’re keen to give it a shot — or if the queue at Westgate gets too ridiculous — head over to Jurong Point 1 (#B1-K2) to try the pastries.



What a perfect day for a family-bonding. What’s your plan for today?

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BAKE Cheese Tart will open on Oct 17 at #B2-04, Westgate, 3 Gateway Dr. $3.50/tart, $19.50/box of six.


Update: BAKE Cheese Tart will open on Nov 17, not Oct 17.

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