Grab sandwiches and salads at this new Keong Saik Road cafe by the people behind Park Bench Deli

Photo: Park Bench Deli/Facebook

Park Bench Deli remains one of our favorite sandwich places in the CBD, even though its massive portions haven’t exactly been good to our waistline (if you’re after something healthier, try protein or poké bowls). So it’s great to hear that the eatery has expanded to another bustling area in the CBD, this time on Keong Saik Road.

Sitting in a bigger space than its original, 1KS (short for its address of 1 Keong Saik Road) is located at the ground floor level of co-working space The Working Capitol. It’s a cosy, casual cafe with a menu similar to that of Park Bench Deli, but of a smaller variety and a smidgen healthier — which works for grab-and-go coffees, sandwiches for office parties or business lunches.

The all-day items include breakfast options like the acai bowl ($10) of granola, mixed berries, dried figs and cocoa nibs, as well as open-faced toasts such as avocado mash ($11) with soft-boiled eggs and cherry tomatoes, and smoked salmon ($14) with herb cream cheese, capers and cucumbers.

For heartier options (available from 11am), you can’t go wrong with sandwiches like braised short ribs ($20) topped with sautéed mushrooms, bacon, cheddar and mustard aioli, or pulled pork ($17) with black beans, guac, ricotta and chipotle mayo. But if you’re after a light lunch, go for salads like Beet & Greens ($13) of roasted beets, strawberries, candied nuts, ricotta and garlic croutons, or the Chinese Chicken ($16) with cabbage, roasted chicken, radish, carrots and crispy wanton skin.

On the drinks side is where 1KS leans more towards the typical cafe offerings than Park Bench, with a selection that includes healthy smoothies ($8-$10), cold pressed juices ($8), coffees ($3.50-$5), teas ($6) and more.

1KS is at 1 Keong Saik Rd, 6221-1792. Mon-Fri 8am-9pm, Sat-Sun 9am-6pm.

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