Chow down on hearty new sandwiches and chili cheese taters at Park Bench Deli

The reinvented fried chicken sandwich
The reinvented fried chicken sandwich

We could rave all day and night about Park Bench Deli, one of the best sandwich spots in town (in our humble opinion), but we’ll let the food speak for itself. (Seriously though, it’s worth all the calories.)

Debuting this month is a new menu featuring three fresh-out-of-the-oven creations and several updates to fan favourites. First off, let’s introduce the Mortadella Hero ($16), a soft caramelized onion loaf that packs layers upon layers of sliced mortadella, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Simple, yes — but just take a moment to gawk at that towering stack.

Mortadella Hero

Also say hi to the Meatballs ($17) sandwich, a messy whopper of in-shop grounded beef meatballs drenched in tomato sauce, sprinkled with mozzarella and basil, and nestled in between a warm ciabatta bun. You really can’t not get your hands dirty with this hearty order.

Meatballs sandwich

If you’re looking for a veggie option, the Falafel ($14) packs crunch in every bite with finely chopped broccoli mixed into falafel balls that are breaded and tossed in the fryer. Top ’em off with tzatziki dip, alfalfa sprouts, toasted pumpkin seeds and sliced tomatoes stuffed into toasty sourdough rye, and you’ve got yourself something way more satisfying than any salad out there.

As for the reinvented classics, the eatery has revamped the Cubano ($16) to include drizzles of a house-made aji verde sauce on overnight braised pork shoulder, smoked ham and gooey cheese. Then there’s every fried chicken sandwich lover’s dream come true — a hunk of crispy buttermilk chicken thigh slathered with sriracha mayo and cabbage slaw, all crammed between slices of French onion bread ($15). And even though the portions here are pretty massive, you still gotta make space for the new chili cheese taters ($14), served piping hot and covered in chili con carne.

Chili cheese taters

Feeling hungry yet? Those sandwich cravings setting in now? Well, you’ll have to practice delayed gratification and wait till March 29, ’cause that’s when the new menu launches.

The new menu debuts on Mar 29 at Park Bench Deli, 179 Telok Ayer St, and online. Mon-Fri 10.30am-4pm, 5pm-9.30pm; Sat 10.30am-4pm.

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