Get finger lickin’ fried chicken, doughnut burgers and beef rendang fries at new eatery Sticky Wings

Photo: Sticky Wings

The latest fried chicken haven to flock to town is Sticky Wings, a fast-casual self-service concept in Westgate. The mall’s not exactly a place we’d visit (unless you actually live in Jurong), but we’d happily get our fingers greasy any day for fried chicken.

Think golden brown crispy chunks of the bird glazed in Sticky Kecap Manis (Indonesian sweet sauce) or Spicy Flamin’, a combo of blended chillies. Of course, if you prefer your serving untouched, you can get the Naked original version. Prices start from $7.90 for three pieces.

Photo: Sticky Wings

For the adventurous, try the eatery’s doughnut burgers. Yep, you heard right. Instead of regular ‘ol burger buns, you get sugar-dusted malasada (Portuguese doughnuts made with yeast, eggs, butter and evaporated milk) sandwiching savory fillings ($7.90) like chicken thigh fillet marinated with lemongrass or breaded chicken cutlet doused with salted egg yolk sauce.

If you need more fried stuff to go with your fried chicken, the fries here come topped with beef rendang ($6.50) and a blend of salted egg yolk sauce, nacho cheese and salsa ($5.90).

Photo: Sticky Wings

Other options on the menu include local brekkie dishes like nasi lemak and bee hoon on weekdays, as well as pancakes and chicken sausage patties on weekends. If you’ve only got enough time to grab something and go, the takeaway section stocks salads, sandwiches, yogurt cups and fruit juices.

Sticky Wings is at #02-05 Westgate, 3 Gateway Dr, 6266-8455. Daily 7:30am-10pm. 

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