Everything must go: Durians on sale for just $1 at Boon Lay Shopping Centre

Photo: Boon Lay Central/Facebook
Photo: Boon Lay Central/Facebook

So you’ve been kicking yourself for splurging on durians lately? This latest Facebook post to go viral could be the answer to your problems… maybe.

Prices of the ever-popular Mao Shan Wang varietal may be more economical than usual, but they can’t beat the extremely value-for-money figure of $1. Yep, the King of Fruits has sunk to a new low at Boon Lay Shopping Centre, where each husk apparently goes for rock bottom prices.

According to Boon Lay Central’s Facebook page, the fruits are “selling strong,” although if you look closely enough, you might see that the durians appear to have been opened. Perhaps these are the rejects? But hey, who are we to cling on to our dollar coin when it could pay off in stinky, creamy goodness?

Amidst the piles of spiky fruits, some are going for $2, while others are on offer at three for $10. Even Mao Shan Wang is on sale at $15 per durian.

So if you’ve got time to make that trek to the West before the durians get snapped up, your dollar could get you pretty far there.

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